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Camarillo appoints Ventura employee as new assistant city manager

Camarillo appoints Ventura employee as new assistant city manager


Tulson "Tully" Clifford will be Camarillo's next assistant city manager after his appointment by Camarillo City Manager Dave Norman earlier this month.

Ventura's current director of public works, Clifford, 60, will start in Camarillo on May 29 and fill the position occupied by Tom Fox.

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Fox began work as Camarillo's second-in-command in April 2016 after serving as the city's director of public works since 2002. He has worked for Camarillo since 1990.

Norman praised Clifford's expertise and relevant experience in a news release about the appointment.

"We really had a big hole to fill with Tom retiring on June 1, and I am pleased to have found his replacement in Tully Clifford," Norman said. "Tully has the technical experience and leadership skills we are looking for to help the organization complete its biggest projects over the next few years."

Before serving as public works director in Ventura, Clifford was director of the Ventura County Watershed Protection District, overseeing water resources and facilities throughout the region.

During his time at the Watershed Protection District, Clifford worked with Camarillo Mayor Charlotte Craven, who was on the board of the Fox Canyon Groundwater Management Agency.

Prior to Ventura County, Clifford worked as the chief administrative officer for Crowsnest Pass in Canada, the public works director of Solvang and a supervising transportation engineer for the city of Santa Barbara.

Elsewhere in the county:

He holds degrees from the Royal Military College of Canada and a master's degree in civil engineering and business administration from the University of Calgary.

"I am excited to begin working with Mr. Norman to ensure that the City Council's goals and objectives are being met and that the success that is Camarillo continues," Clifford said in a statement.

As assistant city manager, Clifford will be responsible for overseeing the daily operations of the city manager's department, which ranges from city event planning and economic development to providing legislative analysis and animal services. He will also help with key projects led by other departments in the city government.

Clifford will receive a base salary of $228,466 per year as well as health and retirement benefits, according to Kathy Holman, Camarillo human resources analyst.

Friday, April 27, 2018

I would not mistreat aholy father like this! RYAN Fires House Chaplain

04/27/2018 01:05 pm ET Updated 10 hours ago

Republicans Reject Investigation Into Why Paul Ryan Fired House Chaplain

Patrick Conroy was forced out of his job after praying for no "winners and losers" under the GOP tax law.
This is all very mysterious, Paul Ryan.
This is all very mysterious, Paul Ryan.

WASHINGTON ― A top Democratic congressman on Friday unsuccessfully tried to create a special committee to investigate why House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) abruptly fired the House chaplain last week.

Rep. Joe Crowley (D-N.Y.), chairman of the House Democratic Caucus, introduced a resolution on the House floor calling for a new committee to examine "the motivations and actions" of Ryan when he unexpectedly told House Chaplain Patrick Conroy to resign or be forced out. Conroy has said he was blindsided, and some lawmakers in both parties, particularly Catholics, are furious. Ryan has given no reason.

Crowley's proposal would have created a six-member committee ― three Republicans and three Democrats ― to look at what happened.

But the House voted to reject his proposal, 215 to 171. Reps. Patrick Meehan (R-Pa.) and Tom Reed (R-N.Y.) were the only Republicans who voted with Democrats to create the committee. Three Republicans voted "present": Reps. Tom Rooney, David Joyce and Scott Taylor.

A GOP aide with a sense of the Republican conference told HuffPost that the resolution would have passed if it didn't include the partisan language Democrats put in it. Crowley's resolution twice refers to the Republican tax plan as the "GOP tax scam."

Here's a copy of the resolution:

The speaker's office still won't say why Ryan fired Conroy, who has been the House chaplain since 2011. His last day will be May 24.

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But Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-Va.) told HuffPost on Thursday that he is "informed reliably" by GOP colleagues that Ryan wanted the chaplain gone because he was mad about a prayer that Conroy gave during last fall's debate on the GOP's tax bill.

In his Nov. 6 prayer, Conroy urged Congress not to create "winners and losers" under the Republican tax measure, which, as has been reported, greatly benefits wealthy people over time.

Ryan read that prayer as a "tilt to the Democrats" because it implied criticisms of the tax cuts being more beneficial to the rich,Connolly said Republican lawmakers told him.

"They cite that as evidence as that being more political than he's comfortable with," Connolly said.

The speaker's office denied that Conroy was forced out over a specific prayer, but would not clarify if the chaplain's prayers during the tax debate were related to his termination. The office also would not give HuffPost a reason for Conroy's termination.

"The speaker consulted with the minority leader, but the decision was his," said Ryan spokeswoman AshLee Strong. "He remains grateful for Father Conroy's service."

After Friday's vote, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said she expressed her "forceful disagreement" with Ryan's decision to push Conroy out.

"It is my hope that we will honor Father Conroy's service by pursuing justice and making clear the true motivations of this unjust action," Pelosi said in a statement. "During Father Conroy's entire service, I've never received a complaint from our Members about him pastoring to the needs of the House."

This story has been updated with a statement from Nancy Pelosi.

letter to city on Green packet Short & bitter sweet?

Andy Fox, All the years I have lived here, you have been "The Boss" of the city. Enjoy your lifetime health care at our expense and contrary to all normal and decent rules, regulations and ordinances. You manipulated the vacant council seat after Masry's death with three years remaining for his seat. You drove a courageous council woman out of office years ago. The list is endless, annoying and despicable. Each new council member either becomes such with your blessing or quickly rolls over and joins your "club". Measure E was passed by the PEOPLE. Your new "interpretation" was quickly joined by your "club members". A revelation! Perhaps litigation is the only way to stop this abuse of power. Al Adams stood in my driveway some years ago and asked for my vote, telling me if elected, he "would always do the right thing". I was somewhat skeptical but hopeful. I should have known better. Fox and friends have a modus operandi that prevails and the people lose each time. This overturning of Measure E must be stopped, if not politically, then by legal process. (Who will pay?) Ronal

Friends don't forget that Al has been a total turn coat Claudia not much better She sold out so they would let her be Mayor She is changing spots as she is up for election
Politics is so bad dead friends

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The Washington Post: Suspicious factory underscores challenge of verifying North Korea’s nuclear promisesmayt

Suspicious factory underscores challenge of verifying North Korea's nuclear promises
The Washington Post

Even as Kim Jong Un pledges to freeze nuclear tests, some weapons programs may advance in secret, experts say. Read the full story

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The Washington Post: In China and India, there are 70 million more men than women. Here are the consequences.

In China and India, there are 70 million more men than women. Here are the consequences.
The Washington Post

Shamed and lonely men go to desperate lengths in circumstances the world has never seen Read the full story

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How Britain Destroyed the Palestinian Homeland | Al Nakba | Al Jazeera

How Britain Destroyed the Palestinian Homeland | Al Nakba | Al Jazeera: "Palestine are still felt after all these years.  

Paltry attempts to pacify Palestinian anger were to no avail, especially after the League of Nations Council in July 1922 approved the terms of the British Mandate over Palestine - which was originally granted to Britain in April 1920 - without consulting the Palestinians at all, who would disappear from the British and international radar, only to reappear as negligible rioters, troublemakers, and obstacles to the joint British-Zionist colonial concoctions.  "

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CNN: James Comey's unforgivable error

James Comey's unforgivable error

In his interview with Jake Tapper, the former FBI Director once again demonstrated an enormous blind spot about his role in the election, writes Ryan Lizza. Read the full story

October, Reid wrote to Comey that "you possess explosive information about close ties and coordination between Donald Trump, his top advisers, and the Russian government." Reid was mocked as a bit of a conspiracy theorist at the time. But we now know he was m

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People: Passenger Next to Woman Sucked Out of Southwest Plane Speaks Out: 'I Wrapped My Arm Around Her'

Passenger Next to Woman Sucked Out of Southwest Plane Speaks Out: 'I Wrapped My Arm Around Her'

Just as Hollie Mackey was about to get up from her seat to go to the bathroom during Tuesday morning's Southwest Airlines flight from New York to Dallas, flight attendants asked passengers to stay seated due to continual turbulence. Mackey put her seatbelt back on, shared a glance of disappointment about the bumpy ride ahead with the woman seated at the window to her left and settled back in. Moments later, the unthinkable happened. Mackey, 42, was seated in the aisle seat on the same row as Read the full story

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