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T.O. City Council Forum - Chamber 09/14

T.O. City Council Forum - YouTube: "Published on Sep 27, 2014
Recorded with my Android Mobile Phone. - Captured Live on Ustream at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/805tv with the Ustream Mobile App"

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email Ron McCoy AD44 campaign Consistent violations of Thousand Oaks SIGN ordinance SEE City clerk/Code Compliance Mgr emails too here

Consistent violations of Thousand Oaks SIGN ordinance SEE City clerk/Code Compliance Mgr emails too here

NICK I. Quidwai concernedcitztoaks@gmail.com

Attachments12:18 PM (3 minutes ago)
to RobGeoffTracyJoelLindaJacquimichaelTonyJohn, bcc: Rachel, bcc: Editor, bcc: Anne, bcc: Hank
Dear Rev. McCoy:

Wish you the best in your quest to rid us of lobbyists; does it mean that you will not support Mr. Gorell who was a full time lobbyist?
Your team was unaware of the size limitations and I had the sign @ the Furniture Store near Wendy off ramp removed; then you got a FREE ride for a HUGE sign near Moorpark Off Ramp in July Aug.
Now your supporters are violating the 100 ft rule; please ask for compliance IMMEDIATELY:
Here are just a few that I know of:
20 Wendy dr NP 2 McCoy signs
also Michael & Wendy 2 signs

Your sign was removed from Islands/NP Marketplace as were all others; want to know who did the dastardly act.
Pics attached; also @ 

Nick  I. Quidwai
“Do not take life too seriously. You will never get out of it alive.” 
Newbury Park CA 91320-1821 ConcernedCitzTOaks at gmail.com 
Cell 805-390-2857 
NO registration needed
Concernedcitizensthousandoaks NickQuidwai
 IQuidwai7860  @cctoaks

Hi Nick,
All candidates that post signs in Thousand Oaks jurisdiction are to follow our municipal code regulations.  Any signs in unincorporated area (Ventura County) are to follow County regulations.  Our City Council candidates sign a forum acknowledging they have been provided City, County and State regulations relative to Political Signs.  We share the information the County provides us in our Candidate Manual (which is on line) about County/State info with Council candidates.  I am not familiar with what the County may provide various candidates that deal with their office--you should contact them for specifics (654-2664).
In letter we sent out to numerous candidates that may post signs in Thousand Oaks it also includes a paragraph that there are some sections of unincorporated areas in Thousand Oaks City limits and County rules are applicable for those areas.

From:Iqbal Quidwai <i.quidwai@gmail.com>
To:Linda LAWRENC <LLAWRENCE@toaks.org>
Date:9/24/2014 9:44 AM
Subject:Pol signs
Hello Linda:
I forget: Are ALL candidates for any office subject to the full ordinance RE: Signs in TO? Do Congress, Assembly candidates sign acknowledgement or are given copy by Lunn's office>

Unincorporated areas like Lynn Ranch would not apply?


Iqbal Quidwai

Geoff Ware

8:23 AM (3 hours ago)
Good morning Mr. Quidwai,
I have assigned for investigation the matters you have listed below in the text of your email.  We cannot go onto private property and remove a sign without providing notice, and then only after the issuance of an appropriate abatement warrant issued by a Court.  We will provide appropriate notifications for those that we find in violation and follow-up with enforcement.

Geoff M. Ware
Code Compliance Manager
>>> "NICK  I.  Quidwai" <concernedcitztoaks@gmail.com> 9/29/2014 2:48 PM >>>
There has been a sign massacre again @ the Islands/NP Marketplace. Please investigate!
You have NOT scrapped the illegal sign ordin, yet you do not enforce it. Taking 15-20 days using snail mail with NO FINES is a waste of resources; REMOVE THE SIGNS immediately as was done in 1998 to my signs!!

Mz. Irwin 3 signs @ 911 La Grange NP/ Lynn High visibility!!

2 signs Lacayos home NP 3403 Bear Creek Dr Also 2 for Julia!!
Mz. Bill Pena Old supporter of yours I had told him he cannot have 2 signs; Mic argued with me then removed a sign NOT 100 ft apart Corner Wendy/Borchard. Also he used to park one car ALL the time now there are 2 cars full of trash?? That are NOT MOVED at all violating the 30 day rule. (Mr. Geoff Ware, please cite).

Please enforce the "public right of way" ; being violated by David Fox and Tony Dolz CVUSD Candidates.
There are 2 John Andersen signs on Borchard / Redfield Ave corner

See attached pics or go to

pics with detail

Tax Day Tea Party Thousand Oaks Ca, April 15 2011 Part 2 - Pastor Rob McCoy Speaks - YouTube

Tax Day Tea Party Thousand Oaks Ca, April 15 2011 Part 2 - Pastor Rob McCoy Speaks - YouTube: "Tax Day Tea Party Thousand Oaks Ca, April 15 2011 Part 2 - Pastor Rob McCoy Speaks

Subscribe 86"   Says invest 46 yrs in SS (is 49) Wants to abolish SS!!!

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Tax Day Tea Party Thousand Oaks Ca, April 15 2011 Part 2 - Pastor Rob McCoy Speaks - YouTube

Tax Day Tea Party Thousand Oaks Ca, April 15 2011 Part 2 - Pastor Rob McCoy Speaks - YouTube: "Tax Day Tea Party Thousand Oaks Ca, April 15 2011 Part 2 - Pastor Rob McCoy Speaks

Subscribe 86"   Says invest 46 yrs in SS (is 49) Wants to abolish SS!!!

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VC Star Campaign mailer quotes McCoy's statement on ‘need to abolish Social Security' Timm Herdt

Campaign mailer quotes McCoy's statement on ‘need to abolish Social Security'

Does Republican Assembly candidate Rob McCoy believe that Social Security ought to be abolished?
That’s the allegation made in a mailer sent to Ventura County voters last week by the California Democratic Party, and it’s based on a verbatim quote from McCoy made during an April 15, 2011, speech to a tea party rally in Thousand Oaks.
In that speech, McCoy twice asserts his belief that Social Security should be ended. He first says, “We need to abolish Social Security,” in reference to a discussion he had with his father-in-law. He later restates the assertion in reference to his own situation.
“I’ve invested for 46 years of my life into this system, and I’ll never see a dime of it,” McCoy says. “I’m willing to abolish it right now.”
The mailer uses McCoy’s comment about Social Security to emphasize its assertion that “Tea Party Assembly candidate Rob McCoy has some pretty extreme views.”
McCoy is running against Democrat Jacqui Irwin in the 44th Assembly District in a race widely considered to be among the most competitive legislative contests in California this fall.
Voter registration is closely divided along partisan lines in the district, which includes Thousand Oaks, Moorpark, Camarillo, Oxnard and Port Hueneme.
McCoy campaign spokesman Ryan Hatcher said Monday that the mailer takes the comment out of context and that McCoy, who as a pastor is a skilled orator, “occasionally embellishes stories to make a point.”
Ben Golombek, spokesman for the Irwin campaign, said that because the statement in the mailer “is a word-for-word transcript, it’s hard to say it is out of context. His words speak for themselves, and that’s what we’re letting them do.”
Hatcher said McCoy thinks the Social Security system needs to be reformed, perhaps by converting it into a 401(k)-type system in which workers would make contributions into an individual account. But McCoy also believes that current retirees and workers who have paid into the system should continue to receive their scheduled benefits, Hatcher said.
“The implication is he wants to take away the Social Security of little old ladies and retired guys who rely on it,” Hatcher said. “Rob would never say: Let’s take away the sole income of senior citizens.”
In addition Hatcher noted that McCoy is running for the state Legislature, which has no say over the federal Social Security program.
“If this was a congressional race, this would be a much different conversation,” he said.
Golombek said McCoy’s views on Social Security are relevant to voters regardless of what office he is seeking.
“It’s important to understand a candidate’s views on a variety of subjects,” he said. “That way, voters can make the most informed decisions. The words provide a good insight into his vision and the things he’d like to do.”
McCoy is well aware that over the years, in speeches and writings, he has said provocative things that could be used against him in a political campaign.
For instance, there are YouTube videos in which he says he “abhors and considers immoral” same-sex marriage and equates taxation to slavery.
He has toured the country giving speeches with prominent Christian conservative activist David Barton, who has called President Barack Obama “anti-biblical.”
Anticipating attacks based on such material, McCoy sent a fundraising email to supporters last week urging contributions to help him “fight this mudslinging and show that liberal gutter campaigning does not work in Ventura County.”

VC Star comments McCoy wants abolish SS Tim Herdt

12 Hours Ago
Kinda like warnings kids about social media . . . Once it's out there, you can't take it back . . .
12 Hours Ago
I fact checked the mailer - everything in it was straight out of his mouth, or out of his pen. He didn't talk to the rally about converting Social Security to a 401K (which is a very bad idea). He talked about abolishing Social Security. Who are we going to believe - Pastor McCoy or our lying ears?
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1 Hour Ago
Groovy, a 401K and maybe Anderson Acounting can keep track of it. Oops, okay they died but there's plenty of corporate crooks to take their place.  
I heard the Repugs recommended abolishing the milquetoasty reforms following the 2009 crash of the financial industry.
1 Hour Ago
Why not civic bonds ? 
(Anything but high speed rail of course).... 
Who says that a 401k has to be a high risk, and who would be so dumb as to invest in Anderson or what ever high risk brokerage houses that are out there.  
Besides, do you really think they are any different than the government that cannot in any way guarantee those who are in their 20-30's that social security will even exist as we know it, with estimates that by the time they qualify the minimum age will be somewhere around age 75.  
Typical of you Dumbs to seek poverty to all, prosperity to none ! 
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6 Hours Ago
McCoy is an avowed tea bagger. The mailer is true.
3 Hours Ago
McCoy has the wrong party affiliation. McCoy is a closet Democrat like Obama is a closet Muslim.
2 Hours Ago
If I could take the 4.5% that is taken out of my check plus the other 4.5% that my employer pays and give it to a professional money manager -- or even invest it in an extremely conserative mutual fund that nets a couple percentage points a year - I'd have a much larger annuity than what SS is going to provide me. Of course I'd also be paying taxes on that increased annuity, so I'd also be contributing to welfare, unemployment benefits and the myriad other social programs that have been dreamed up since the '50s. So yes, I'm in favor of abolishing SS - at least opting out of it. Will it ever happen? No.
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1 Hour Ago
You are really in the dark about SS. Actually it is over 6% that both you and your employer contribute. 
But tell me, If you were investing it privately and you suddenly died at a young age or were disabled what would you or your survivors get? Only what you had saved so far. SS would provide for you for life if you were disabled.If you died it would provide for your children till they were 18. 
And if none of that happened and the stock market took a crash just before you retired all your plans would be  
out the window. It is beyond silly to try and compare SS to a simple investment policy. 
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1 Hour Ago
BLue, explain just how you would pay for those collecting SS now if you made it voluntary?
1 Hour Ago
Your last comment explains what is wrong with SS. It's the same problem with your retirement. There isn't enough money coming in to be sustainable. Ponzi schemes are illegal.
1 Hour Ago
It is sustainable for years to come and with just a few tweaks sustainable for the long term. 
1 Hour Ago
So it's ok for this so called man of God to lie! Being only 49 it is impossible for him to have invested 46 years in Social Security. And he is either ignorant or a demagog to say he will never see a penny of what he has contributed to S.S.
1 Hour Ago
That is where you are wrong again ! 
There are those who will work all of their lives or at minimum maintain some form of income that will prevent them from receiving the Social Security hat they paid into, or at least what they should be entitled to.  
Social Security is the worst investment one could make, it pays less than if one were to stuff money in their mattresses, but is in fact since Bill Clinton merged SSI taxes into the general fund (enabling him to claim a surplus in 1999) a slush fund that is now simply a promise by the government, not a guarantee by any stretch of anyone's imagination.  
Put to a vote and Social Security will lose every time.
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26 Minutes Ago
Once again you prove that you have been duped by the lies of the Right. 
SS funds have never been put into the General Fund. 
His surplus was not due to any change in SS 
If you choose to work your whole life you can still draw SS. 
The Social Security Trust Fund was established in 1939 to receive monies collected for Social Security through payroll taxes. The monies in this fund are managed by the Department of the Treasury; ...
40 Minutes Ago
Social Security Trust Fund 
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia  
"When the program runs a surplus, there will be excess funding available for the Social Security Administration that year. The excess funds are diverted to one of the trust funds. The money in the trust fund is used by the treasury in the form of treasury bonds. The treasury bonds provide interest on the money in the trust funds, and if the program sees a deficit, the excess funds from previous years plus any interest earned is used to pay beneficiaries. At the end of 2011, the Trust Fund contained (or alternatively, was owed) $2.7 trillion, up $69 billion from 2010.[1] The fund is required by law to be invested in non-marketable securities issued and guaranteed by the "full faith and credit" of the federal government."
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9 Minutes Ago
We pretty much know what we will get by voting McCoy. Don't make that mistake.