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PROBLEMS OF DEMOCRACY. Obama is in real war on Islam and 'isolates Russia', virtually -

PROBLEMS OF DEMOCRACY. Obama is in real war on Islam and 'isolates Russia', virtually - "Republicans accuse Obama that his policies have weakened the American position in the world, in particular, his indecisiveness on the Middle East, Russia and China.

The news agency reminds that this statement was made on the eve of Obama's European tour, scheduled for early June. During the trip, Obama will deliver a speech in Poland about the American commitment to Europe (but he won't utter a single word, as always, on Russia's terrorist attack of 4/10, i.e. Katyn 2, near the Russian-occupied Polish city of Smolensk on April 10, 2010, and the murder by Putin of the President of Poland, a NATO member country) and meet with the leaders of G7 countries in Brussels."

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It Was An Amazing Week For Fashion In Hollywood, According To Our Best Dressed List

It Was An Amazing Week For Fashion In Hollywood, According To Our Best Dressed List:

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Friday, May 30, 2014

Female jogger sexually assaulted in Camarillo, police say + Ex-aide to Rep. Capps gets 20 years to life in prison for fatal crash

Female jogger sexually assaulted in Camarillo, police say

Composite sketch based on description of sexual assault suspect in Camarillo.
Composite sketch based on description of sexual assault suspect in Camarillo.
View our crime tracker and use it to find and explore crimes committed in the county.
An 18-year-old female jogger was sexually assaulted while jogging in Camarillo on Thursday night, police said.
Police said a man, described as being in his 30s, knocked the jogger to the ground and sexually assaulted her about 8:10 p.m. The woman was able to get away and run to a nearby business, where she reported the incident, police said.
The man was described as white or Hispanic, 5 feet 8 inches to 6 feet, 180 to 220 pounds, with a medium build and wearing dark-colored jeans, a black or blue shirt, white shoes and with a possible burn mark on his left bicep. Police issued a composite sketch based on the description.
The woman suffered minor cuts and bruises, police said.
Anyone with information is urged to contact Camarillo police at 947-8058 or 797-7349.

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Ex-aide to Rep. Capps gets 20 years to life in prison for fatal crash

Raymond Morua's LinkedIn profile photo
Raymond Morua's LinkedIn profile photo
A former aide to U.S. Rep. Lois Cappswas sentenced this week to 20 years to life in prison after pleading guilty to a vehicular manslaughter charge.
Raymond Morua, of Santa Barbara, pleaded guilty Wednesday to gross vehicular manslaughter with a special enhancement of fleeing the scene of an accident and driving while intoxicated.
According to prosecutors, Morua, 33, left a party and was speeding down Anacapa Street in downtown Santa Barbara on Dec. 6 when he hit Mallory Dies, a 27-year-old bartender and UC Santa Barbara graduate.
Morua drove away and later crashed into a palm tree. Police said Morua’s blood-alcohol level was 0.17 percent, more than twice the legal driving limit.
Dies suffered major head injuries and was rushed to Cottage Hospital. She died five days later.
After the death, Morua was charged with gross vehicular manslaughter along with the special allegation of fleeing the scene of the accident, said Arnie Tolks, a Santa Barbara County senior deputy district attorney.
Morua also had prior DUI cases when he lived in Ventura. In 2006, he was arrested twice in three months on suspicion of drunken driving, Two months after the second arrest, he was cited on suspicion of driving with a suspended license and leaving the scene of an accident. No one was injured in those incidents.
Dies’ parents have filed an $18 million claim against Morua, the U.S. House of Representatives and Capps, a Democrat who has represented Santa Barbara and parts of Ventura County. The family claims Morua was on official duties as Capps’ legislative aide when the crash occurred.
Capps’ office released a statement saying Morua was not representing the office during the party and was there “on his own time and of his own volition.”
Morua, who was in the Army and served in Iraq before leaving the military in 2004, addressed the court during his sentencing. He apologized to the Dies family and said he had been battling post-traumatic stress disorder, which contributed to his problems with alcohol.
Tolks said Morua will not be eligible for parole until 10 years.
“I believe the punishment is very fair,” Tolks said Friday. “This case was not about alcoholism or PTSD. This was about someone who made several very bad decisions that night and got behind a vehicle having two prior convictions.”

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Finance & Grants (CA Dept of Education)

Finance & Grants (CA Dept of Education):

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Average teacher salaries in Ventura County 2012-13

Why not give SOME numbers on teacher pay? I have been told they have gone up too?
This is what is DESTROYING OUR NATION; over paid boorowcrats that just push paper. Part of the reason is the LEVELS of managers; so if a 4th level Assist/Principal gets 100k His boss will get $125k & THE NEXT LEVEL $150 sO YOU GOTTA PAY THE HEAD BOSS $190.
THIS GAME OF COMPS HAS OUTLIVED ITS USEFULNESS; THEY look @ 50 districts and give the top 5 as comps; school boards seem to not care as it is NOT their money and there is a stroke my back culture.
Look at this guy!!
Average teacher salaries in Ventura County 2012-13

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The Iraq war cost more than Obamacare | Rare

The Iraq war cost more than Obamacare | Rare: "On the heels of Memorial Day and President Obama’s Wednesday speech at West Point, a new perspective on the Iraq War and the president’s signature law emerges.

Last year, a Harvard University research project showed that when considering medical benefits yet to be doled out to veterans, the U.S. wars in Afghanistan and Iraq will cost taxpayers $4 to $6 trillion.

Do you know what would cost less than that over the next 10 years? Obamacare."

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County taxpayers spend $3.6 million on school superintendents' pay

County taxpayers spend $3.6 million on school superintendents' pay

Henry Bangser, superintendent of the Ojai Unified School District, speaks next to Teresa Williams, superintendent of the Moorpark Unified School District, during a May meeting of Ventura County superintendents at the Office of Education in Camarillo.
DAVID YAMAMOTO/SPECIAL TO THE STAR Henry Bangser, superintendent of the Ojai Unified School District, speaks next to Teresa Williams, superintendent of the Moorpark Unified School District, during a May meeting of Ventura County superintendents at the Office of Education in Camarillo.
Taxpayers spend $3.6 million annually to pay almost two dozen school superintendents in the Ventura County area, an expense driven in part by the large number of districts.
Based on the superintendents’ contracts and interviews, The Star calculated cash compensation in 19 public school districts in Ventura County, one in the neighboring Las Virgenes area and the county Office of Education.
The figures, which include base pay, expenses and bonuses in 2013-14, show:
--Simi Valley Unified Superintendent Kathryn Scroggin makes the most, $213,568. Scroggin, plus the heads of the Oxnard elementary district and Las Virgenes Unified, are the only district superintendents topping $200,000, although four others are close. County Superintendent Stan Mantooth, whose office handles a variety of regulatory duties and runs special schools, also pulls down a little over $200,000.
--Conejo Valley Unified Superintendent Jeff Baarstad may offer the best bargain per student. His pay of just under $198,000 computes to $10 per pupil in the county’s biggest school district, the lowest ratio in the county.
--Pay is lowest in small, rural districts with just one or two schools. Their compensation still runs in the $100,000 to $150,000 range, putting costs at several hundred dollars per pupil and more. The largest contrast comes in the tiny Santa Clara district, where educator Kari Skidmore serves as principal, teacher and superintendent designee for one school with an enrollment of 57. That’s about $1,700 per student based on her pay of a little over $97,000 a year.
Administrators say a simple rate is misleading because the small districts hire “do-it-all” superintendents. In many large districts, assistant superintendents take on responsibilities for finance, personnel and instruction.
“In small districts, we wear every single hat,” said Colleen Robertson, superintendent and principal in the one-school Somis Union district.
Most of the small districts fared slightly above the state average in reports showing the percentage of 2012-13 spending devoted to general administration — for the superintendent and school board, data processing and audits.
The statewide average was 5 to 6 percent for administration. Ventura County’s smallest districts reported 7 percent except Somis, which had the highest rate in the county — 14 percent.
Big school districts had the lowest percentages. Las Virgenes Unified reported 4 percent. Conejo Valley Unified, Oxnard Elementary, Simi Valley Unified and Ventura Unified all came in at 5 percent.
The data also show that base pay only represents part of the picture.
Oak Park Unified Superintendent Tony Knight makes a flat $178,230, with no additional money for expenses. In contrast, Hueneme Superintendent Jerry Dannenberg and Oxnard Elementary Superintendent Cesar Morales make about $17,000 on top of their base pay.
At almost $199,000, Dannenberg makes more than superintendents of districts twice Hueneme’s size and the most in any mid-sized district in the county. He has been on the job for 12 years, and the district’s administrative costs are low at 5 percent. Teachers in the district are the top paid in the county.
Last fiscal year, salaries for superintendents in California K-12 districts averaged about $173,000, those for elementary districts around $136,000 and high school districts $178,592.
Locally and statewide, compensation generally declines with the size of the district. A recent anomaly was reported in the South Bay, where the Centinela Valley Union High School District superintendent was paid more than $660,000 in total compensation for a district about the size of Moorpark Unified. His contract also provided for a $1 million life insurance policy and a $910,000 low-interest loan to buy a home.
Officials say the cost of living, number of students, previous superintendents’ pay and the market determine the price for these educators’ pay packages.
Educator Robert Fraisse said school boards look at what’s being paid locally when they talk salaries for new superintendents.
“Every county has a different cost of living,” said the former superintendent and interim dean of the School of Education at California Lutheran University in Thousand Oaks. “The cost of living is huge, because unlike corporations, school districts can’t give a lot of housing perks. In an area like Ventura County, it’s difficult to get someone who may have been a very good superintendent in the state of Washington because of the housing costs.”
Mantooth doubts the cost of living deters many candidates even if out-of-state hires are rare, noting that superintendents make good salaries.
The local market is key, said Lucy Rangel, president of the school board that recently hired a new superintendent in Fillmore. Adrian Palazuelos, who is coming to Fillmore Unified from Sacramento, was hired in April at a base salary of $165,000. Counting expense allowances, his compensation will exceed $174,000.
Rangel said the board hired a search firm that knew what similar-sized districts were paying, such as Ojai Unified and Santa Paula Unified.
“We knew what they had paid for their superintendents and we went ahead and came up with the amount we wanted to offer,” she said.

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Firearms and ammo seized from UCSB student days after 'virgin killer' shooting spree | Mail Online

Firearms and ammo seized from UCSB student days after 'virgin killer' shooting spree | Mail Online: "Authorities say the arrest was unrelated to Elliot Rodger's Friday rampage
On Tuesday, 21-year-old Kevin Tym was arrested after accidentally shooting a bullet into his neighbor's apartment on the UCSB campus 
Tym told authorities he was 'playing' with his Glock 17 when it accidentally fired - nearly missing his next-door neighbor
Cops seized 1,000 rounds of ammunition and seven firearms - including high-capacity assault rifles
All of the weapons were legally owned
Tym was booked and then released from jail when he posted $2,500 bond"

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Golden Toilet Tower, headless nude statues: Inside Kimye’s wedding | Page Six

Golden Toilet Tower, headless nude statues: Inside Kimye’s wedding | Page Six:

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Twitter / Search - #YesAllWomen home

Twitter / Search - #YesAllWomen home:

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Killer virgin sparks a culture war | New York Post

Killer virgin sparks a culture war | New York Post: "“In singling out ‘Neighbors’ and Judd Apatow, I by no means meant to cast blame on those movies or Judd Apatow’s work for this heinous action. Obviously not,” she said.
“But I do think, again, it bears all of us asking what the costs are of having such a narrow range of stories that we constantly go back to.”
Modal Trigger
Richard Martinez, the father of victim Christopher Ross Michaels-Martinez, holds up a bag that reads “Gone with the Wind” during a memorial event.
Photo: EPA
Right-wing radio talk-show host Erick Erickson said “cries about misogyny” ignored the fact that Rodgers was insane.
“Making this about violence against women or misogyny, when in fact he also killed men, overshadows the greater mental health issue and what we are seeing culturally with young men being more likely than anyone else to engage in these mass shootings,” Erickson said."

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Why the sign violations by would be law makers (JACQUI IRWIN & ROB MCCOY) SEE!!



CA primary election June 3rd 2014 Lawmakers breaking the law!! Signs that violate the municipal code that favors incumbents and have not been amended despite my many attempts since 1998 as incumbents LUV it.

Max size allowed is 16 sq ft not 24 as is McCoy sign max. exposure location 101 NB Wendy off ramp before Dennys. Just READ AGAIN IT IS 12 SQ FT MCCOY SIZE IS DOUBLE LIMIT!! REMOVE IT NOW!!!

The frwy ramp signs generally show up on election day. Despite have FEW signs, there is little attempt to put them on businesses with their permission.

Last Thurs I took pics of the HUGE sign and a lady from furnituRe w/h asked me what I was doing. I told her sign was ILLEGAL; as I was leaving I saw her taking picture of me and my plate; as if I was the law breaker; sure she told the campaign and they have seen this letter in the Acorn but they simply ignore; ALWAYS for past 15 yrs the CA/AD candidates like StricklanD/ Gaggley hang the bigger signs in Camarillo, Oxnard and the 3x5 signs in T Oaks!!

Luckily workers or kids are taking down the offending signs.



Sign placement reveals character


We are in the midst of political season in Thousand Oaks. The evidence is all around us as we see "Vote for (insert name)" signs spring up like mushrooms on front lawns and street corners in town.

The City of Thousand Oaks has a few simple rules that help to keep this expression of support from becoming clutter.

One rule is that the signs have to be placed with the permission of the property owner. Another is that the signs can be no larger than 12 square feet.

As I drive about town and see signs placed on public property such as freeway off-ramps and city medians, I wonder if a candidate who doesn't make the effort to learn the rules or decides that somehow the rules don't apply to them can be trusted with our vote.

When a candidate has trouble doing the simple things, how can he be trusted to represent us in office on more difficult issues?

The placement of signs is a simple task but one which gives insight into a candidate's true character. Robert EnglerThousand Oaks

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