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Bruno Independent Broch + Complaint pg & close up City Atty Jackie LoLightswebsite        PLEASE READ!!

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Gonzales for Mayor + Commercial Rdev TO Blvd
MayorGonzales4JacquiSeat+AutoRDevTO Blvd
2 in 1 only 3 minutes Strange Mayor signs Newbury Park corner Lawrence Dr & Hillcrest Arbors office building Also commercial revitalization TO Blvd without Redevelopment agency!!

INTERESTING FACTS ABOUT FORM 460 CONTRIBUTIONS DYE YESTERDAY!! Bruno went auto dealer hunting too and also to those who have given to his partner departing Mayor Jacqui and RETURNED his ill gotten Silver Star $380 checks.
He and Jacqui share the SAME PRINTER in LA paying $7 grand for junk mailers!!
Jackie/Staff wont do ANY THING about loosing Mayor Bob Wilson & Holdren's $1140 food  
contribution; see Holdren floundering huge banner in violation of city codes!!! Asked during public comments but NO follow up by $400K CMgr!
New Owner of Palm Garden with WLA type signs paid his masters Bruno with 2 checks max allowed!
Cal Johnson, a builder orig tried to use a foundation check fro Jackie; NO reply if that was legal; now gave $100 to independent?? Bruno.

HOW DO YOU FIGHT 'em??   City Clerk is protege' of ol' clerk who is politician emeritus and was Mgr of fox campaign Her SON Barry Fisher who is back @ their home is the Treasurer running Jackie campaign while have a nice relationship with city Atty!! DA has endorsed Jackie!! Any justice in this county??

The LOCAL ORD enacted to prevent auto dealers from giving large sums as in 1998 IGNORED by CITY ATTY~~
Ms. Irwin is in violation of Section 1-13.03 of the Thousand Oaks Municipal
Code regarding contribution limitations.One of the purposes of this section of the
T.O.M.C., stated in Section 1-13.01(3), is "to eliminate the
possibility of corruption or the appearance of corruption in local elections, arising as a
result of
disproportionately large political contributions, by adopting the least restrictive limits
possible on the
amounts of money any person may contribute or otherwise cause to be available to candidates
for the
City Council and those who support or oppose such candidates."

Under T.O.M.C. Section 1-13.08(b), allegations that such violations have occurred may, in the discretion
of the City Attorney, be referred to the Ventura County District Attorney for investigation
and  prosecution.
Jacqui gross misdeeds!!
1.Re-elect some one who shoved a CM down our throat?? Who did not trust citz to tell us about CMs health!!
2. Voted AGAINST citz with ugly , dangerous auto mall sign, held back till the election!!Paid back with HUGE contributions!!
3.Supports $400K income for city Mgr and $200K+ for top city brass
4.Supports long week ends for staff every other week/shorter library hrs
5.Cancelled CRIME night out, a mere $10000 item!!
6.Voted and lectured residents for over expanded Hospital wile Westlake hospital rotted/not used.
The Hospital has PAID her back with MANY contributions!!
7.She also has many contributions from the Oaks folks who got extra large sign; now Pal Gardens has a Hollywood size sign!!
8. Would not hold a hearing to hear about HOOTERS/ they sneaked in and AFTER election will seek alcohol license.
9. She has done nothing about bankrupting pensions!!
10. She has supported wasteful RDA spending like $1 for Lakes, $300K for angled parking with NO disabled parking.
11. She has NOT tried her best to keep water rates low!!
12. She has NOT amended sign , campaign ordin which benefits incumbents!!
13. She is a fox clone, albeit a good looking one and HYPNOTIZED by the $400k city Mgr!!
PLEASE ADD MORE Issues folks!!
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